Custom or pre-made theme?

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I own a WordPress which I've recently just opened but I'm yet to release it to the public as I still need to add a few things, including a theme. I'm tempted to purchase a pre-made theme from Themeforest but I was wondering if it's worth buying a custom theme or shall I wait until my site starts getting traffic?

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I think you should wait until the site starts getting traffic then you should get a custom theme. Buying a custom theme straight off is a bad idea as your site might not be successful and you would have then wasted money. Just go with a premium or free theme to start then get a custom one when you feel its the right time.
answered May 30, 2016 by Kingy New Member (1,260 points)
Maybe start with a free pre-made theme customize it a bit to have a personal taste to it. Afte getting traffix, purchase a good theme already.
answered May 30, 2016 by monmon New Member (1,550 points)