MySQL query without adding it to database?

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is there a way to insert data into a MySQL query WITHOUT actually adding it to the table or hardcoding it into a special function?For example, I have a MySQL query which reads out of a database the strings "broccoli", "cheese", "carrots", "onions", "potatoes". I want to take this data and alphabetize it, which isn't hard using MySQL queries frown
HOWEVER, I would ALSO like to add "celery" in that list. I do NOT want to add "celery" to my database. I only want to, in this particular instance, add it to the list of data to be sorted. I also do not want to create a separate function which allows me to enter a string and then sorts it afterwards.Is there a way to do this? If so, how? And if you could, please provide a more complex example, as I have to add a lot of data sad

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