How old is your cell phone?

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I have been using the same little top up phone for 6  years! It's a Samsung. Everyone looks at it pretty strange, but it makes & recieves phone calls and that's all I need a phone for laugh

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I am using a Samsung Galaxy s3 myself. I believe these came out in 2011 so it is 5 years old. I don't mind too much though. I am quite happy with it. I do want to upgrade for a better camera but I feel it is more worth investing in a camera separate from my phone.
answered May 26, 2016 by Britanica New Member (950 points)
I've had mine about 3 months but it's not anything new. I currently have the iPhone 4s, which don't get me wrong is good but you can tell it's an older phone. The camera isn't too great and it tends to run a bit slower than other phones. I'm quite happy with it though.
answered Jul 13, 2016 by JJP New Member (1,160 points)
I have had my mobile phone for about a month as it's quite new out. I have the iPhone 6 and it's great! Picture quality is amazing and the overall phone is more than I can ask for.
answered Jul 18, 2016 by Simon A New Member (260 points)