Which is the fastest web browser?

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kindly tell me 
chrome or Mozilla which one is faster? 
or any other web browser? 
plz ans me. 
Thanking U!

2 Answers

This is a bit difficult to answer. For me, I think it is Firefox.
answered May 24, 2016 by Larry New Member (1,500 points)

By faster do you mean faster on performance? Or browsing pages?
Here are some tips that might help you decide.

Chrome is the fastest based on browsing speed and compatibility, but cons are it will eat up the RAM and CPU of your computer. So be sure you have the necessary requirements if you choose this.

Firefox doesn't consume as much RAM and CPU as chrome but is a bit slower in my opinion.
You can also try UC Browser for windows and compare it from chrome.

Hope this helps. :)
answered May 27, 2016 by techydenz New Member (2,240 points)